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Leading the way in development and large scale production of specialty carbohydrates

“We make specialty carbohydrates, glycans, that unlock innovations in the areas of nutrition, health, life sciences and beyond”

We developed a technology platform that streamlines the development and production of otherwise unavailable innovative specialty carbohydrates with high added-value functionalities to address global challenges in areas such as human and animal health & nutrition, biomedical, cosmetics and agricultural applications and far beyond.

Specialty Carbohydrates

“Specialty carbohydrates, also called glycans, are natural complex and often rare saccharides of outstanding biological relevance”

  • Essential to Life – Every single lifeform on earth covers itself with a dense coat of compex branched carbohydrates often more complex then proteins or DNA.

  • Essential to Health – Far beyond the function as energy source, specialty carbohydrates contribute to gut health, disease prevention, immune support, allergy prevention, reduce risk of bacterial or viral infections…

  • Central to curing disease – Glycans are involved in every major disease that afflicts mankind, as well as in the recognition of healthy or diseased cells by our immune system, cancers, infections and immune disorders

While science sheds light on the key roles of complex carbohydrates in the laboratory, Inbiose has developed a technology for large scale production of these  molecules to benefit the society at large in a variety of applications.

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