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Building complex carbohydrates by harnessing nature

Nature uses complex carbohydrates for a wide range of biological functions and has a wide variety of complex systems to build these carbohydrates. Inbiose harnesses this natural power to build interesting bio-active carbohydrates for which now there are no sustainable production technologies available.

From simple sugars to complex sugars

in one single step

Monosaccharides – the building blocks of complex carbohydrates
Representations of complex carbohydrates

Producing and Assembling carbohydrate building blocks using cell factories

We have developed a technology platform to produce essentially any specialty carbohydrate at large scale.

We harness the power of micro-organisms and optimize their innate abilities to produce the sugar building blocks and to assemble them into the complex carbohydates, all in a single step.

We have integrated the development of these micro-organisms with fermentation, process and production development.

We provide an integrated solution

step 1

Recruiting from nature

We deploy the full range of proprietary high-throughput screening and engineering technologies to harness nature’s abilities, maximizing our cell factories’  product yields and minimising cost while hitting all required specifications.

step 2

Process Development

We deliver fully developed and scaled-up processes suited for the product and the intended application. We optimize not only towards cost, but also towards consistent quality and product yield, ensuring ideal process performance at the commercial scale.

step 3

Regulatory affairs

We consider regulatory affairs as an integral part of our development projects. Timely execution of critical studies and thorough understanding of the studies and documentation requirements for regulatory bodies across jurisdictions ensures a smooth path to market entry.

step 4

Industrial production

We develop and supply complex carbohydrates at pilot or commercial scale, ranging from kg for initial developments up to 100’s of tons for commercial manufacturing.

Proprietary high-throughput engineering, screening, scale-up and process development to efficiently move to commercial scale manufacturing

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