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Health & Nutrition

The drive towards a healthier society through healthy nutrition has led to the identification of a wide variety of complex carbohydrates ingredients with a high impact on human health. Such complex carbohydrates serve not as an energy source, but rather as important modulators of a healthy gut microbiome, prevent bacterial and viral infection, modulate our immune system, serve as micro-nutrients for cognitive development and brain health and much more.

Science and industry could, until now, often make only functional mimics of the natural ingredients that nature intentionally designed and optimized.

Our technology enables us to make the nature-identical ingredients through highly efficient natural fermentation processes allowing us to produce them at suitable scale and cost for mankind to enjoy their benefits.

Early Life


We are making available human milk bioactive oligosaccharides (HMO) to infant food formula manufacturer or supplier. HMO are a major components of mammalian milk which are known to offer significant health benefits for the newborn and developing infant.

Food & Dietary Supplements

We are enabling dietary supplements and food industries to address consumer needs for solutions that establish, restore, and maintain a healthy gut microbiome, a healthy body and a healthy metabolism and immune system.

Medical & Therapeutic Nutrition

We enable development of medical nutrition solutions to care for hospitalized patients and patients with medical or nutritional conditions. Specific complex sugars can aid to support their recovery, health and well-being.

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Beyond Nutrition …

Glycobiology is discovering a vast range of biological functions of complex carbohydrates called glycans. We are uncovering the complexity of the ‘glycome’ to often surpass that of DNA and protein structures. Although milligram quantities of glycans can be produced using extraction or complex chemical synthesis, their large scale commercial production was until now impossible.

Pharmaceutical / Biomedical

Glycans play key roles in diseases such as cancer, infections and immune disorders, and glycans are set to deliver the vaccines and therapeutics of the future. Inbiose’s technology platform enables the production of this very specific and highly complex class of molecules at production scales to benefit the society at large.

Animal Health

Complex glycans can equally contribute to animal health, either through gut health, immunology effects, or even by preventing infections. Nature’s own solutions to support the healthy development of young animals include an arsenal of complex carbohydrates. Our ability to produce these at large scale offers a new way to address a broad range of animal health challenges.

Plant Health

Even in plants, glycans are a central part of cell signalling, pathogen recognition, health and disease. Large scale use of natural complex carbohydrates provides a environmentally friendly and highly targeted way to elicit plant defense responses, or interfere in plant infection by pests. All this with natural, safe and otherwise harmless products.