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Who we are

  • Inbiose is a Belgian B2B company. We make specialty carbohydrate ingredients available, in particular in areas of nutrition & health, personal care and consumer health sectors.

  • Inbiose is a leading company in the development of Human Milk Oligosaccharides, which are of paramount importance for the health of newborns and developing infants.

  • Our competences lie in the rapid development and cost-effective production of innovative specialty carbohydrates otherwise unavailable to society at large.

Our focus

“Dedicated to specialty carbohydrates for human health and beyond”

Inbiose is dedicated to improving human health by making natural specialty oligosaccharides available for mainstream use. We strive to make available to the consumer the health benefits these complex sugars can bring to human and infant health, as well as specialized nutrition, cosmetics and beyond.

“Glycoactives® …”

Glycoscience is uncovering that many specialized carbohydrates elicit a plethora of highly specific biological effects that are promising in fields of medicine and therapeutics, but also in other fields such as animal health and crop health.

Integrated solutions

Our development pipeline allows us to offer a high-throughput development platform, as well as process development, scale-up and regulatory services that compress new product development cycles and minimizes time to market.

Our Story

Inbiose has its origins at Ghent University where initial proof of concept for fermentative production of complex carbohydrates was developed. Inbiose was founded in 2013, after a series of key breakthroughs demonstrating the power of our unique and proprietary technology platform.

Since its humble beginnings, Inbiose has successfully scaled-up production of multiple products, including notably several Human Milk Oligosaccharides (HMO).

Through various expansions, the company has grown consistently and we are proud to have built a competent and multicultural organisation of >45 dedicated employees covering a diversity of professional and scientific disciplines.


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