Carbosurf Horizon 2020 Project Granted

About the project

The CARBOSURF project aims to develop new biobased processes as well as products and solves bottlenecks in the fermentative production of biobased biosurfactants and specialty carbohydrates. Specifically, it targets different glycolipid biosurfactants with a wide range of application fields and specialty carbohydrates, i.e. complex Human Milk Oligosaccharides that find applications as neutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic ingredients. The project is coordinated by Prof. Soetaert from Ghent University (Belgium).

Beyond the development of new processes or solving technical bottlenecks, sufficient amounts of new products will be produced for application testing, in order to evaluate their market potential in a wide range of application fields. Also, the technical, economic, environmental and social sustainability of processes over the whole value chain from biomass to product application will be assessed, with an emphasis on identifying and addressing the bottlenecks in the innovation chain. A valorisation plan will be drafted to complete the innovation process.